Twittys locksmiths – terms and conditions of service



When the following words with capital letters are used in these terms and conditions, this is what they will

mean: Contract: means these Terms together with the Job Sheet/Invoice.

Initial Price: means the cost specified in the Job Sheet/Invoice agreement via any form of contact for the provision of Services.

Job Sheet/Invoice: means the information that We give to You on the telephone and/or in writing setting out

the details of the Services We will provide and the Initial Price payable.

Services: means the locksmith services We will provide to You as set out in the Job Sheet/Invoice which may

include but not be limited to any or all of the following:-

• Making properties safe and secure;

• Planned and responsive lock changes;

• Picking and replacing locks;

• General upgrading.

Terms: means the terms and conditions set out in this document.

We/Our/Us: means Twittys Locksmiths or any of our franchises, partners.

You/Your: means you the customer.



These Terms form an important part of the Contract and govern the way We will perform the Services for You.

If You do not understand something within these Terms You should consider asking a solicitor to advise You.

Alternatively You could ask Your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Your local authority’s trading standards

department for advice. Before calling please read our terms and conditions and pricing police, please note you agree to these when booking us via any form of communications.Terms and Conditions, Pricing Policy.



If You are an individual contracting for Your own private, non-business needs, You have certain legal rights

and remedies as a consumer and nothing in these conditions affects Your legal rights. If You want to know

more about Your legal rights as a consumer then contact Your local authority’s trading standards department,

the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or go on line at OUR AGREEMENT WITH YOU


4.1 If You agree to the scope and cost of the Services to be provided by Us (as specified in the Job

Sheet/Invoice) over the telephone, a contract will come into existence at this point between You and


4.2 If You agree the scope and cost of the Services to be provided by Us following an assessment of the

required works by Our locksmith and you sign a copy of the [Quotation/Job Sheet] to that effect then

a contract will come into existence at this point between You and Us.

4.3 Your right to cancel the Contract is set out in section 10.

4.4 Our right to cancel the Contract is set out in section 11.

4.5 If Our Job Sheet/Invoice includes any other terms called “additional terms and conditions” they will

form part of these Terms. If they are different to these Terms, the additional terms and conditions

shall be taken into account first.



5.1 The specific detail of the Services that We agree to perform for You will be set out in the Job


5.2 We will agree with You an appropriate time when We will endeavour to attend the relevant premises

in order to perform the Services.

5.3 The Services are offered by Us on the basis that they will be provided as efficiently as reasonably

possible taking into account prevailing workloads, availability of personnel, weather, transport

conditions and the availability of parts and any other conditions upon which We are dependent but

which fall outside Our direct control.

5.4 Our agreement to perform the Services does not mean that We guarantee that We will be able to

repair or replace Your lock.

5.5 It is important that You understand what is included within the Services and what is excluded from

the Services. You are advised to read the Job Sheet/Invoice carefully which explains this.

5.6 If we cannot attend a job due to an emergency of issue then we will hand work off (outsource) to our reputable partners, franchises or businesses we use in the area, if an issue arises with that locksmith or the work carried out along with charges then the you must deal directly with them, Twittys Locksmiths can act as an intermediary to hand business to other locksmiths in the area. You agree to this when booking in any work. These companies may have call out fees, different hourly rates or call out charges.



6.1 The Initial Price You owe Us for the Services is set out in the Job Sheet/Invoice (or in any amendment

to the Contract We provide to You).

6.2 The price includes VAT. If the rate of VAT increases or decreases We will alter the price to match the

new VAT rate.

6.3 Unless otherwise agreed with Us (and noted on the Job Sheet/Invoice accordingly) you agree to pay

Us the Initial Price together with any additional costs (as referred to in paragraph 7 below) immediately upon completion of the Services and You shall ensure that payment is made available to

Us without unreasonable delay.  Bank & PayPal payments are due within 14 days of the invoice date.

6.4 If you fail to pay Us as required in accordance with paragraph 6.3 above and We do not subsequently

receive full payment from You within 14 days of the date the payment is due you will be charged a late fee.  Late fee is charged of £25 per day will be charged for ALL late bank & Paypal invoices.

6.5 We reserve the right (at our absolute discretion) to require advance payments, stage payments or

deposits before or during the provision of the Services. We shall specify any advanced payment or

other specific payment requirements to You before commencing the Services.

6.6 Payments may be made by cash, debit or credit card and the means of payment should be agreed in

advance of the Services being provided.

6.7 We may allow account facilities to be established for certain customers. Any such arrangements must

be agreed in advance and confirmed by Us in writing. Payment terms for approved account customers

are strictly thirty (30) days from the date of invoice and any queries in relation to an invoice must be

notified in writing to Our accounts office within seven (7) days of the customer receiving the invoice.

6.8 Untill all good are paid for in full then we own the good in your property to where if we se fit can charge you a hire fee of up to £25 per day for the use of the items and any additional charges for removal of these items. 



7.1 The costs set out in this section 7 are in addition to the Initial Price You pay Us for the Services.

7.2 Our locksmith will tell You of any costs that You will need to pay in addition to the Initial Price in order

for Our locksmith to be able to complete the Services when he or she attends Your property. Such

additional charges are likely to include (but are not limited to) the cost of replacement parts and

additional labour time which could not reasonably have been anticipated prior to Our locksmith

attending Your property and inspecting the works required to be undertaken. You agree to pay Us the

additional costs immediately following our completion of the Services. If You do not want to pay the

additional cost, You can cancel the contract by informing Our locksmith before work commences.

7.3 If You do not, after being asked by Us, provide Us with all relevant information requested in order to

allow us to provide the Services, or You provide Us with incomplete or incorrect information, We may

make an additional charge of a reasonable sum to cover any extra work that is required in order to

provide the Services.



We will not have an obligation to perform the Services if any of the following happens:

8.1 We are unable to repair or replace Your lock as the necessary spare or replacement parts or locks are

no longer available.

8.2 You do not pay for all or any part of the Services as We have agreed and/or You do not provide

sufficient evidence of Your ability to pay for the Services as may reasonably be requested by Us.8.3 You do not provide Us with any necessary information that We have requested from You or the

information You do provide is incomplete, incorrect or generally regarded by Us to be insufficient. In

particular if You have failed to provide proof of identification and ownership of the property (or in

circumstances where You are a tenant or licensee, satisfactory evidence of the landlord or licensor’s

consent to the Services being delivered by Us).

8.4 You do not give Us access to Your property at the time that You agreed with Us.



9.1 You agree that You will allow Us access to Your property at the time and date agreed by You and Us.

9.2 You agree that We may enter Your property to carry out the work or to recover any equipment or goods

of ours which We have left on Your property.



You can end the Contract in any of the following circumstances by writing to Us and telling Us:-

10.1 if We break the contract in some important way and We fail to fix the situation within 28 days of You

asking Us to in writing;

10.2 if We become insolvent, or become subject to an administration order or if We stop trading;

10.3 You give Us at least 48 hours’ written notice of Your intention to cancel the Contract.



11.1 We can end the Contract in any of the following circumstances by writing to You and telling You:-

11.1.1 You fail to pay a sum when it is due to be paid or if You otherwise break this Contract in

some important way and You fail to fix the situation within 28 days of Us asking You to in


11.1.2 if We are no longer able to carry out the Services due to the law or due to regulatory


11.1.3 We give You at least 28 days’ written notice of Our intention to cancel the Contract.

11.2 If We end the Contract because of Your fault and any work has been carried out but not paid for by

You, then You must pay Us for that work as soon as the Contract ends.



12.1 In the unlikely event that there is any defect with the Services or the locks supplied and fitted by Us

and such defect manifests itself in the twelve (12) month period immediately following completion of

the Services, please tell Us as soon as reasonably possible and give Us a reasonable opportunity to

inspect and repair such defect or to replace any defective lock as appropriate. 12.2 In the event that a defect is reported to Us in the twelve (12) month period following completion of

the Services and upon our inspection of the matter such defect is found to be genuine (and not the

result of deliberate or negligent damage) then we will use every effort to repair or fix the defect as

soon as reasonably possible. You will not have to pay for Us to repair or fix a defect in the Services

under this section 12.2



13.1 We will take all reasonable care to avoid and/or minimize damage being caused to Your property

(including doors, walls, plaster work, decorations and floor etc.) in the course of Us providing the

Services. For the avoidance of doubt, We shall have no responsibility for making good any such

damage which does occur or for any cleaning or other associated costs linked to such damage.

13.2 We will not be liable to You for loss or damage due to the Contract unless We cause death or injury

through Our negligence.

13.3 If You are a consumer, We will not be responsible under this Contract for any loss or damage which

relates to any business of yours. Nothing in these Terms will affect Your right to bring legal action.

13.4 All parts supplied by Us and all materials used in carrying out the Services shall remain Our property

until payment is received from You in full.



If either of us fails to meet any of our obligations under this Contract because of an event or circumstance

beyond our reasonable control we will not count this as breaking the Contract.



15.1 We will use the personal information You provide to Us to:

15.1.1 provide the Services;

15.1.2 process Your payment for such Services; and

15.1.3 inform You about similar products or services that We provide, but You may stop receiving

these at any time by contacting Us.

15.2 You agree that We may pass Your personal information to credit reference agencies and that they may

keep a record of any search that they do.

15.3 We will not give Your personal data to any other third party.



16.1 The Contract is governed by English law.16.2 You cannot transfer the legal rights to this Contract without Our written permission. We may transfer

any part of this Contract but Your rights and obligations under this Contract will remain unaffected. If

We transfer any of the rights and obligations under this Contract to another company the expression

“We” or “Our” will include that other company for the purposes of this Contract.

16.3 If We need to serve a notice on You under this Contract, We will send it to the address set out on Your

Job Sheet/Invoice or any form of communication. You must serve any notices on Us at the address shown below.

16.4 If any term of this Contract is held by the courts or any other legal or regulatory body to be invalid or

unenforceable, the rest of the terms of the Contract shall not be affected by such invalidity or


16.5 If You breach any contract between Us and We fail to enforce the provisions of the contract, Our

failure or silence should not be understood by You that We are giving up on Our rights and remedies.

If either We or You do give up on Our rights and remedies on one occasion, that does not mean that

We or You are doing so in respect of any other rights or remedies We may have.

16.6 We have the right to update these terms and conditions at any time we see fit.




17.1 late payment fees are applied after 24 hours of none payment. If you agree to our service via any communication in person, on the phone, via text or email or within any social site or format you agree to our terms and conditions and pricing policy. You agree that if you fail to pay TwittysLocksmiths by the date set in any invoice or format then we will add a late fee payment to your bill of £25.00 to a maximum of £50.00 per day until the balance is met. You also agree that you will pay any retrieval costs or detrimental costs for ourselves to use bailiffs and court costs. We can also charge rental for our hardware while in use at £100.00 per day. Alternative payment methods must be discussed on the day before signing any paperwork or electronic signatures are applied to any document, failure to do so will result in a late fee been applied to each bill along with a £12 admin fee.



18.1 Twittys Locksmiths may call record from time to time without giving you prior notice, we advise you to fully read our terms and conditions and pricing policy before calling Twittys Locksmiths, by calling ourselves you agree to these terms and conditions and pricing policy. As part of this agreement you wave any right to stop ourselves from call recording. Call recordings are for both our benefit. We may also use these call recordings for training and quality.



19.1 We use body worn cameras for both or safety and we do not need to notify you that these are in operation, by booking any appointment with ourselves you agree to been filmed on our cameras which can be used in a court of law. You can request a copy of the recording in writing with 2 forms of ID along with a £20 admin fee to the address below..


20.1 If You want to ask Us anything about these Terms or the Services We are performing for You or if You want to make a complaint, please contact Us. You can contact Twittys locksmiths by telephoning 07525639943 or by e-mailing Us at or by a written letter within 24 hours of the issues arising. Address Building Twittys Locksmiths, Building 11 Hesleden Road, Blackhall, TS274LH.


Before calling please read our terms and conditions and pricing police, please note you agree to these when booking us via any form of communications

Thanks! Message sent.

Police Vetted and Checked

Many locksmiths state that they are police vetted on their websites but clearly as the MLA state that you cannot be police vetted or police checked but we made sure we found a way for our company to be police checked, this shows that we have gone above and beyond our service guidelines to set a standard in our industry.


The Police will not check that any locksmith is a locksmith by trade or has any qualifications or insurance, so we went down to the Gateshead police station and had them check in to our company, we stated our trading address, what service we offer including auto entry and took the relevant paperwork with us to prove our business. Our owner Steve Taylor Independently submit our DBS / CRB documentation, our insurance documentation along with our certificates by the Build of Master Locksmiths and have a police officer agree that they have checked that we are 100% who we say we are and 100% accurate in what we offer! We had the police sign and date a document stating they had looked at each article and approve that  it is true.

24 Hour Locksmith Service

Twittys locksmiths offer a 24 hour service but sometimes in a very rare one of situation we cannot attend, this could be due to us been on a emergency job, where all units are on jobs, due illness or holidays or situations out of our control such as extreme weather or where a situation is deemed to dangerous for one of our technicians to be on site. We will recommend a locksmith or service in this situation but we aim to achieve a 98% success rate on 24 hour call outs.



Sometimes we may not be able to answer our phones is we are out on the road driving, in a meeting or on a call where we are using power tools. We will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible. You have the option to leave a voice mail text message or email us for a call back.

Company Vehicle


We aim to attend each call in our company vehicles but sometimes situations out of our control may result in us having to use our own private vehicles to attend any job, this will not impact any work as we have all tools required to perform a professional job. Sometimes basic lockout situation may require a faster service than normal and we will then send out a motorcycle rider to get to the location on time.


If the weather is bad such as excessive snow or flood or ice we will try to use our 4X4 Land Rover to access the site. This has an extra charge, known as a bad weather charge. Please see our pricing policy for more information.

Parts OUT of STOCK!

We do our best to offer a fast service but as you can imagine there are many parts for many doors and locks, it’s simply impossible to carry every part required for every job, but we do carry the most common parts required. Sometimes we may need to go to our suppliers for parts. If it’s an emergency and we did not have the required part then we will secure your home until parts can be sourced or if we decide to cancel the job due to parts issues which is very unlikely.

Bad Weather Charges and Services

We do offer a bad weather service, many locksmiths will not attend in bad weather and when you’re locked out at -5c it’s no fun standing around. We do offer a 4x4 utility vehicle to get to the location, but even sometimes we cannot get out through excessive deep snow or water.

Our locksmiths have all undertaken winter survival courses on dealing with bad weather and hypothermia. It’s very rare we get called out to such situations but we will let you know if our service is available. Please see our bad weather pricing policy.

Body Worn Cameras


We use body worn cameras on all jobs, these are here for both our safety. If our staff have to enter any home with lone people, children or drunken people then we will use these cameras to make sure both parties are safe and the full interaction is recorded. 

We can also use our cameras in any case where you need to prove double letting, damage to a property or further proof of issues caused by ex tenants. We will supply a copy of the videos recorded via Google drive.



Stab and Bullet Proof Vests


From time to time our locksmiths will use high visibility vests which are stab and bullet proof to most common street hand guns and knives. We use these when working with bailiffs or in property repossession where we could be attacked by intruders, ex tenants or squatters. In some cases we have had to use forced entry in to property for repossession where drug dealers have had operations inside the houses. This protects our staff from any harm.


Danger Fee Charges

A danger fee charge is a charge that we put on any bill when a locksmith feels threatened or is in any form of danger from violent people, aggressive people or anyone person using threatening behavior towards the locksmith or the locksmith is subject to such issues while working. This can also include animals such as dogs, snakes or any animal that can cause harm or shock. Our danger fee will be a fee of 20.00 to a maximum of 100.00, this will be added on completion of the job.


Fuel Charges


Sometimes we arrive to the most obscure jobs to find that the lock is an odd shape or size and that we need to travel further to find that part that’s needed to make multiple trims around the Northeast of England to source parts, this will incur a charge classed as a fuel charge of 5.00 to a maximum of 20.00.


Other Charges

We have the right to charge for any damaged or broken tools which we have used during the entry or on your job. We can charge a oil service pack charge which will cover the use of oil packs, forced entry charge which is when we cause undue harm to our own bodies to gain entry, where we have gone beyond a reasonable point of work and now the job has caused physical harm to our locksmith where finger may be broken, hands cut up of where a locksmith may not be able to carry working for the rest of the day due to these issues. 


How We Will Attack Your Issues

Every job is different but we aim to always attack the job from a tradition manner first unless you state otherwise. 


1, We aim to pick your lock

2, we will try and bypass your lock

3, we will the explain any issues of the lock is maybe anti pick or just broken, the door maybe jammed and we cant access the screws, we will then move on to a destructive form of entry only by your permission. This could be the case in a dead locked door where the door is jammed shut and there is no form of entry.  We will only do this is the price is less that that of buying a new door with fitting and hardware. Some times a forced entry can cause slight marks or damage to doors, we will explain the issues fully before we start this work. If we need to perform this its due to the door been beyond any other method of opening. 


Before calling please read our terms and conditions and pricing police, please note you agree to these when booking us via any form of communications.Terms and Conditions, Pricing Policy.